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A New Hope

I have learned about a new drug that blocks opioid cravings. It is my understanding that you have to be clean for 2 weeks before you can receive it, otherwise the effects could be fatal. It is called Vivitrol. There is a rehabilitation program here in Memphis that offers the Vivitrol shot as part of a customized addiction rehabilitation program. Their name is Customized Medical Needs.  In a Facebook live interview with Becky Faruggia of Hearts for Hope and Healing , Nurse Practioner Nikki Russell and her crew said they were able to take in people suffering from the disease of addiction even if the person does not have insurance. They said the have a sliding scale for people who have no insurance. In essence, no one is turned away. I'm really excited about this and of course, I wish I could have gotten my sweet Shelby into a program like this.  If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, please give these awesome people a call to see if they can help you! #doitforshelby Nurse Practitioner Nikki Russell gave me this info she felt was important to put in this post and I agree! * Vivitrol is unlike Suboxone and Methadone in that it does not trick the brain into thinking it is an opiate but turns off the pain receptor so that the brain does not crave the opiate. NO MORE CRAVINGS. This is amazing and though it sounds unbelievable the STATS are there. Look on  and call us to get your Customized Treatment Program started today 901-207-4804. * victims of this epidemic need to be 7-10 days OPIATE OF ANY FORM FREE before receiving the injection or they will become very ill or "dope sick" within 20 -30 minutes of injection. Thus far, there are no fatalities related to this occurrence but we are strict on the 7-10 days to prevent ANY chance. * we know it is every opiate abuser's nightmare to be dope sick and this is why they continue to use regardless of the risks. We have 3 detox protocols outside the hospital environment. The protocols are used as a baseline detox and will be customized to each patient depending on several factors that will be discussed by consultation with the Nurse Practitioner. The Protocols are straight from Alkermes, the pharmaceutical company that supplies Vivitrol, and have all been tested and documented, therefore we believe they are safe approaches to ease the 7-10 days withdrawal period, usually resulting in the injection at day 6 or 7. * Each Vivitrol Injection is $1000. * Alkermes also has provided us with patient assistance programs for those insured and those without insurance coverage. The patient with insurance will receive a $500 co-pay card that COVERS THE INJECTION 100% for 6 months once the form is filled out and sent from our office and approved !!!! Those with NO INSURANCE are eligible for Alkermes Patient Assistance Program which supplies the patient that can prove no income/no insurance/financial hardship (by checking a box on the form) 6 FREE injections once the form is completed an sent from our office!!!! * Both circumstances will be able to apply again at the end of the six month mark for another 6 months of injections. That is 12 months of injections FREE of charge = $12,000! * There are providers out there that are charging their patients the $1000 for the injections KNOWING they could get it free and it makes us cringe. We will NOT allow this miracle to become another attempt to abuse the weak and vulnerable. We at CMN have all been affected by substance abuse in one way or another and ONLY want this epidemic to END. We do not want to profit off of your addiction and will hold your hand throughout the entire program. * Please know that Vivitrol is also for Alcohol abuse and the STATS are just as appealing. Everything above that applies to Vivitrol for Opiates applies to Vivitrol for Alcohol as well. * We are a full service Primary Care clinic as well and are taking appointments. We accept all insurances and those without income and/or insurance. We use a fee scale ranging from $10-$50 for each visit depending on income. Please call or come in to get more details! * YOU WILL NEVER BE TURNED AWAY. WE GET YOU. WE UNDERSTAND YOU. WE LOVE YOU. IT IS GOING TO BE OK!!! * we are in the process of opening our Intensive Outpatient Program that will be the first to offer Customized Treatment Plans made for each patient in order to achieve his or her goals no matter what they may be - getting their children back in to their custody, getting a job, regaining their professional licenses, finding a safe place to live and mending the hearts of those affected by substance abuse are just a few! We accept all patients and will be accepting all insurances. * We do have families ourselves and our company does require funds to survive so the program is not free, but as stated, we Customize your program to your needs and wants and financial stability. Please contact us today for a consultation and we will do our best to compensate you in every way possible. It is our mission to get your life back, get you home, and put the past behind you by making it a memory not a reality. "Customized Medical Needs is a place where your darkest night ends, the sun will always shine and your soul will regain its strength." Kathryn "Nikki" Russell, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC Customized Medical Needs, C0-owner Family Nurse Practitioner and Director of Nursing Our address is 6084 Mt Moriah Rd Suite 10 Memphis, TN 38115 901-207-4804 Also, here is an article about how Vivitrol is helping in Alaska:

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