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IAC Associates (Integrated Addiction Care)

Sandra Saunders of Integrated Addiction Care reached out to me and I would like to share what she has to say:

“The practice was founded by Dr. David Stern who lost his son at 23 years old to Substance Use Disorder. He has put together a practice that he feels would have saved his son. Our team is extremely passionate about caring for these vulnerable patients.

Our Team:

- Doctors Fellowship Trained and Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine

- Doctorate & Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health Services Provider with 23 years of experience

- Social Worker/Case Manager with 5 years of experience

- Nurse Care Manager with 3 years of experience

We offer outpatient care for patients with addiction to any substance. We work collaboratively with the patient to design a plan of care that includes the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of the patient in their home and work environment. This allows patients to incorporate treatment into their daily lives.

Baptist has even named us a Center of Excellence in Addiction Medicine.

We accept insurance, TennCare, Medicaid, & Medicare.

Same Day and Next Day appointments are available.

We are desperately trying to reach patients to let them know there is hope and opportunity to get on a plan to a durable recovery and stable life. Anything you can do to help us reach these folks is appreciated.”

IAC Associates (Integrated Addiction Care)

6630 Summer Knoll Circle Ste 101 Bartlett, TN 38134


It’s OK to get help!

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