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272,000 Faces: Chapter 2

Cameron Christopher King was 21 when he died as a result of his addiction on April 8, 2018. Sonia Darlene Bain, his mother, works as an EMT and sits in the back of the ambulance with patients. She says just one thing can trigger her grief and her face floods with tears. She holds the pain and grief inside and cries quietly. To spread awareness, she shares posts on social media about other people’s children dying from drug overdoses. She also posts things about her son being human to show he was not just an addict. He is her baby and he is very much loved and missed. She hopes that people who are suffering from the disease of addiction and are actively using will get help to get on the path to recovery. The disease of addiction destroys the lives of the person suffering and everyone else who loves them. “Everyone’s pain is different, “ says Sonia. “They need to find a way to grieve that is best for them. Just don’t keep it all inside because it does rip out your guts!” she says. Sonia says she hopes that not another person will die from addiction. Her boy was her soul and first born. She loves him with her whole heart. Watching him suffer from the disease of addiction would hurt her and it nearly killed her to see him cry for help and try to get clean over and over. She recalls hearing him plead to her, “Why can’t I stop? Make it go away!” She wanted to reach down his throat, pull out his addiction and swallow it for him to rid him of his nightmare. Cameron Christopher King had a heart of gold and his smile could brighten up a room. He was fun and never wanted to see anyone hurt. He would cry over any else’s pain. 

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It’s OK to get help!

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