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A grieving GramGram

My mother wrote this:

I am very sad my first born grandson died of a heroin overdose at age twenty. I try to think of happier times, that I was a part of, in his short life. He was homeless close to the end of his life, so now there is no need to worry about him sleeping on the streets of Memphis anymore. However now, when I hear of a young man shot or found dead, I know it's not my handsome grandson; the horror of his death slaps me in the face again. My support group, which contains GOD, my daughter, 2 sons, 5 wonderful grandchildren, sisters, nieces, in laws, friends and my church, is wonderful beyond words. Each of my family members has excellent support groups as well. It must be noted that GOD is first and foremost on the list because my faith in the LORD saved me from total undoing. He saved my grandson by taking him home to be with HIM in Heaven . This I truly believe. -Shelby's Gram Gram -Mimi Lamb It's ok to get help #doitforshelby

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