Holly's Song of Hope

"When we left to drive to the cemetery on one of the straight stretches I stopped counting at 40 cars behind us. I was blown away. She had touched so many lives in just 21 years.” This sounds like something I have said about my child. I know this mother's pain. Through her grief, she has done so much in helping others. I am going to join Holly's Song of Hope and I hope you do, as well. There is a link to join, a link to an article about being an enabler and an addiction hotline number. I am very much interested in educating people about addiction, but I'm not ready to be a full on non-profit organization. This is why my friends and I have started this resource/blog site. Baby steps. Please check out the article about Holly's Song of Hope. Grieving parents who have lost their children are on a crusade to save other children because no one should have to endure this pain. http://www.addictioncampuses.com/resources/addiction-campuses-blog/hollys-song-of-hope-mother-turns-tragedy-into-action/

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