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"Last week, Franklin County’s Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board announced it will provide $1 million for a two-year program to provide rehabilitation, mental health and other services for overdose patients." This is such a joy to hear! I wish Shelby County could have done this so maybe my Shelby could have recovered and rehabilitated. I wish Shelby County WOULD do this NOW! If my sweet boy had not been put back out on the streets after receiving treatment for an OD, he might still be here. If the police had contacted his father the night of the first OD that he survived due to fast acting paramedics and narcan (they couldn't because of hipaa laws !), we may have been able to get him to agree to treatment. (Yes, I'm bargaining! Please excuse my grieving.) Shelby had emotional/mental health issues and I BEGGED anyone that would listen down at the county jail to please help him get a dual diagnosis for anxiety/depression/ADHD AND addiction. Sadly, I wasn't taken seriously. Additionally, Shelby was extremely intelligent and well spoken which helped him persuade many people he was completely fine. I, too, dreaded hearing the phone ring because I thought it was going to be "THE" call. As it turned out, I did not RECEIVE that call, I MADE that call. 

Please read what Franklin County in Ohio plans on doing about the opioid epidemic in their neck of the woods:

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