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For my new friends❤️

This is dedicated to my new friends I made at Camp Bravehearts grief camp. I'll be posting about my experience soon, as well as providing contact info. Usually on weekends, when I make breakfast, I like to play music from iTunes. Today, I chose to listen to an inspirational songs playlist created by the intuitive folks at iTunes. This one song, "Rise Up," came on. It is by Andra Day. I've never heard of Andra Day, but now she's my instant favorite! This song spoke to me and I feel it describes things I want to say to my new friends that are on this same journey of grief with me. My brothers and sisters, we WILL rise up through the pain. With God's help, we WILL rise up. I love all of you! Please listen to Audra Day's "Rise Up." #doitforshelby iTunes Google play (lyrics) Youtube

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