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Learning to be brave

Last week, my family and I attended camp. This particular camp was a camp for adults and children trying to cope with grief. My sweet sister, Lynn, told me about it, and from the first time we talked about it, I was so very intrigued. I think all of us were apprehensive at first, as we're all the other campers, but we quickly became friends with everyone there. There was a strange comfort in becoming friends with other people grieving. Truly a kinship of the bereaved. All of the camp counselors were terrific! In the adult class that my mom and I attended, Carla and Becky ran the show! You could tell they had a unique chemistry in helping grieving people to learn that grieving is a healthy process. Amazingly, they helped us learn HOW to grieve. We planted gardens, colored, made arts and crafts and it was truly amazing! I went in convinced I was grieving properly and I probably wouldn't get a lot out of it...OH BOY! I was wrong! It was so therapeutic and my mom and I made so many new friends. Life long friends! Josh and Aurora made so many new friends as well! They also did many therapeutic arts and crafts, which they really enjoyed. In addition to all of the other fun stuff, they had fun outside! Water slides, bouncy houses, rock was a blast! This camp brought my family and me closer together and helped us to help each other through this difficult period in our lives. Our grief will remain with us for the rest of our days, but we have more tools now that will help us be able to eventually find a new normal. I highly recommend this camp. It is amazing! Here is the contact info: Camp Brave Hearts Staff and Volunteers of Methodist Alliance Hospice (901)818-2105 or (901)516-1600 

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