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Let's talk about drug court

There are always two sides to every story. I have a good friend that went through our drug court here in Memphis and it saved her life. Yet, there are others for whom drug court only made matters worse. 

On the flip side, the info on the Shelby County, TN drug court site claims they have a high success rate.

When my Shelby was arrested, the people pressing charges were extremely adamant about having him go through drug court. The drug court counselors contacted Shelby about joining the program, but he declined. He told me that he declined because he'd heard it was nearly impossible to complete and he wasn't anywhere near being recovered.

I have no opinion on if drug courts work or not because I haven't been through one. I have interviewed some people in law enforcement and a few people say it works and a few say it's very hard to complete and seems to be a money making scheme. 

Shelby needed help and the last judge he saw knew he had failed drug tests and was homeless, yet let him back out on the streets. This judge KNEW he was a homeless addict and PUT HIM BACK OUT ON THE STREET. Why did he do that? I'm going to find out. Please read this article about drug courts to help form your own opinion: Here is the Shelby County, TN drug court site:

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