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We cannot "arrest our way out of this opioid epidemic"

It is hard to believe that the police want to actually help addicts instead of just throwing them in the slammer, but it's true! All over the country, police departments are trying (and sometimes succeeding) in implementing protocol on how to deal with addicts committing crimes and overdose victims. I think Shelby County, TN is attempting to help criminal addicts, but they have a long way to go. In my experience, with my Shelby, he was sent to a state run rehab where there was a lot of access to drugs. He was ejected from that facility because he did drugs while in rehab. The judge knew he was a homeless addict, who had failed to complete the court ordered program, did not show up for court ordered drug tests and did not pass the screens he actually showed up for. Yet, the judge still set him free. I failed my Shelby. Our system here in Shelby County, TN failed my Shelby. Maybe Shelby County, TN needs to get a clue from this article because it looks like other police departments are trying to NOT fail their citizens. Please read:

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