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Stopping the pill popping

When I had Shelby, in 1997, I had to have an emergency C-section. So, with the next two babies, I was allowed to have voluntary C-sections. I can't remember what I took for pain when Shelby was born, but I know it passed through my breast milk because he slept more than a couple of hours. Being a new mother, I didn't know much, but I knew that wasn't right. Of course, my gut feeling was to get off of the prescription painkillers and switch to Tylenol. So I did, and he slept like a normal newborn. Between Shelby's birth and the birth of my second child, I had a 2 year stint as a pill popper. When my second child was born, in 2007, I think I had hydrocodone in the hospital but immediately switched to Tylenol when we were discharged. I only took the pain meds in the hospital because I figured if I had a reaction, they would be able to save me. The third child was born in 2010, and the doctors and nurses were pushing that oxycodone! I said HELL NO! This time, I only took Tylenol. Did I hurt like hell? Hell yes I did, but being a recovering pill head, I didn't want to take ANYTHING! As it happens, one must have something after major abdominal surgery. In the past few years a protocol has been set to alert medical professionals to be able to spot pain pill seekers. The doctors and nurses are doing their very best to help people, that may have inadvertently become addicted to pain meds (who were prescribed them for legitimate reasons), become recovered. Yet, there a few out there, like the one in this article, who need to be stopped.

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