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What if?

I often ask myself several "what ifs." What if:

* I had not kicked him out of the house a couple of years ago because he would not stop using, would not get a job or sign up for his GED? * I had noticed a little sooner and forced him into rehab? * I had talked to him more while he was in jail? * I had made more phone calls and forced people to get him the help he needed? * I had gathered all of his medical records to prove he needed help? * I had not given him $12 for snacks at the jail rehab, would he have still used in rehab? This is normal for grieving a loved one who has died from a drug overdose. However, if you obsess on it too much, it will make you crazy. I saw this article posted on Facebook by the I Hate Heroin page and it was really something I needed to hear at this very moment. Please take the time to read it and share with your friends. You never know who you might help.

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