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Oxford Treatment Center

Oxford Treatment Center is the flagship treatment center of American Addiction Centers and it is AAC's most recognized facility. AAC has 35 facilities across the nation. They are self pay and take commercial insurance, however, Angela Quadrani, a treatment consultant for AAC, is dedicated to help anyone in need, regardless of financial status. Angela and AAC do not turn anyone away in need of treatment. You can reach Angela at 901-484-1929 or the 24 hour hotline 866-53SOBER (899-537-6237). AAC Treatment Centers only treat individuals over the age of 18. That being said, they have a wide variety of programs to fit the needs of someone seeking treatment. Some of the services offered are: Medical Detox, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programs, and Sober Living Homes. In addition to drug and alcohol treatment, they also offer what is called a "Dual Diagnosis." Dual diagnosis is when you have a substance/alcohol abuse problem coupled with any type of mental health issue/illness, such as anxiety, depression, or even bi-polar disorder. Whether the mental health issue fuels the substance/alcohol abuse or vice versa, a dual diagnosis is crucial in helping an individual become clean and sober. Angela Quadrani facilitated the first chapter of Heroin Anonymous in Mississippi. HA is like NA and AA, in that, they use the 12 step program, but it is specifically for recovering (or attempting to recover) heroin addicts. Sometimes, being with like folks can make you feel more secure and willing to open up and accept support. There are other chapters across the nation, but this is the first one in Mississippi. The meetings are on Tuesdays at 7pm at 9320 Railroad Ave. in Olive Branch (Hwy178 at Goodman Rd.) In addition to their treatment options, Oxford Treatment Center has a community outreach program and it is completely free! It is called Family Hope and Healing. This program is a therapist-led support group for anyone in the community that has a loved one that is in recovery or is actively addicted. The meetings are held on Tuesdays at 6pm at all 3 Mississippi locations: Oxford 1916 University Ave 662-281-1306 Tupelo 341 E. Main St., Suite A-1 662-680-2636 Olive Branch 9320 Railroad Ave. 662-893-1308 Oxford is also hosting an addiction awareness event. It will be held on Thursday August 24, 6-8 pm at Longview Baptist Church in Olive Branch, MS. There will be speakers there talking about how you can help an addicted loved one, how to save a loved one from an overdose and even how one might can prevent someone from ever becoming addicted. This is a great way for the community to come together and network to gain knowledge and resources. Please contact Angela at 901-484-1929 for more info In talking with Angela, I found that she is willing to go above and beyond to help anyone seeking treatment. She is very passionate about helping addicted individuals become rehabilitated so they can go on to have long, happy and healthy lives. Please give her a call today. It just might save a life. That life might even be yours! Angela Quadrani AAC/Oxford Treatment Center Treatment Consultant 901-484-1929 24 hour hotline 866-53SOBER (899-537-6237)

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