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Bradford Health Services

Bradford Health Services has been successfully treating people with substance and alcohol addiction for 40 years. They have programs that treat the underlying factors, grief, chronic pain, and trauma, that lead to substance and alcohol abuse without using mood altering substances. Regional Director Debbie Coy, LMSW and Community Representative Robin Morgan believe in Bradford’s 12 step method, and that is why they are proud to be a part of the Bradford Health team. Debbie and Robin are both in active long term recovery and are very passionate about helping others to achieve sobriety. These two ladies are in it to win it and if someone is on the fence about getting into treatment, Robin and Debbie can help that someone to open their eyes to the freedom and joy of sobriety. They love what they do and their energy is powerful! The united team that is Bradford Health will not let persons seeking help slip through the cracks. Bradford Health has about 27 Intensive Outpatient Programs in their Southwest region. They also have some invaluable treatment center locations as well. Here in Memphis, they have an “exceptional” Intensive Outpatient Program. I say “exceptional” because Debbie received a call the other day from a parent saying that she had heard about “their exceptional Intensive Outpatient Program,” and wanted her son to go there. Bradford treats adolescents as well as adults and with so many specialty services, there is definitely a program to meet one’s personal specific needs. One example of a specialty service is The Reprieve. It is a comprehensive 12 step program. The Women's Reprieve is 6 months and the Men's Reprieve is a 12 month program. It is a recovery program that is intense treatment in a home-like setting. The object of The Reprieve is to immerse the person seeking treatment in the 12 step program, assess and address any health concerns, build up self image and self confidence, help on career path and getting into/back into college. It is designed to help individuals learn interpersonal skills which will greatly improve relationships with their family, their community, and themselves. In addition to all of that, they will learn life skills so when they go back out into society, they will have the tools to help them succeed. A Reprieve for Women is in Tuscaloosa, AL and The Reprieve (for men) is in Opelika, AL.

For more info please contact 

Robin Morgan (901) 201-1840 or Debbie Coy (901) 315-9596 Another program Bradford Health offers is their Emerging Adult Track. This program was developed to help young men between the ages of 19 and late 20s/early 30s to get themselves back on track. Sometimes, young adults can go through a crisis or a failure to launch period. This can lead to using drugs and alcohol to make their selves feel better. As a result, casual and social use can turn into abuse. When that happens, there is help. Emerging Adult Track can help you start a new life in sobriety. With so many programs to choose from, there is definitely one that will be a good fit for anyone who chooses Bradford Health. Just like Debbie and Robin, the whole Bradford Health team is passionate about and dedicated to helping individuals overcome their addictions. It takes a village, so that is why in addition to licensed medical/clinical staff and community representatives, the team at Bradford health includes family and community. They have community outreach programs such as GRASP (Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing). This free grief therapy group is for anyone who is grieving a loved one (friend or relative) that has passed away from drugs or alcohol. They meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 6pm. I urge you to come take a peek if you have lost someone dear to you to drugs or alcohol. I know I will. GRASP Bradford Health Care 8566 Cordes Circle Germantown, TN 38139 Missy Hinson (901) 616-8221


Robin Morgan (901) 201-1840 or Debbie Coy (901) 315-9596 Another community outreach program is Concerned Persons Support Group. It is for family members and significant others who are concerned with someone they love that is actively struggling with addiction. This group is free and open to the public. They meet every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30pm. Please come check it out and see if it is right for you. Concerned Persons Support Group Bradford Health Care 8566 Cordes Circle Germantown, TN 38139 Robin Morgan (901) 201-1840 or Debbie Coy (901) 315-9596 Last but certainly not least, Debbie Coy and Robin Morgan want everyone to know about a couple of free events coming up. These events are to help shed some light on recovery and also to bring the stigma of addiction out of the darkness. We need to talk about addiction in order to fight it. Staying quiet only feeds fuel to the fire. When we are actively engaged in the emotionally painful act of talking about drug and alcohol addiction, only then can we come together as a community to try and overthrow the stranglehold addiction has on our children, our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, nieces and nephews. Life and Death in Recovery: a free workshop showing recovery and potential relapse by examining the behavioral stages of change. Tim Hilton, a community liaison for Bradford Health will be leading the workshop. Thursday, August 24 6p-8p Hope Church 8500, Walnut Grove Rd, Cordova, TN

Robin Morgan (901) 201-1840 or Debbie Coy (901) 315-9596 Bring Addiction Out Of the Darkness: This is a free community fest, a rally for recovery, with music, the Fuel Café food truck and most importantly recovery and prevention talks. We need to get people talking! Bring addiction out of the darkness and into the light! There will be medical professionals on hand to help the community learn more about prevention and how to possibly save lives. I will be there to join in the conversations, will you? Saturday, September 16, 4-7pm Amurica 430 N. Cleveland St., Memphis, TN Bradford Health Services (901) 300-2930

Robin Morgan (901) 201-1840 or Debbie Coy (901) 315-9596 I was very excited to meet Debbie and Robin. I could tell they are really dedicated to their job. To them, it is more than a job, it is a calling. A calling to help those in need.

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