Drake's Poem

My friend Alexis Merritt shared something on the Do It Fir Shelby Facebook page that her son Drake wrote. Drake has been struggling with heroin addiction, a brain tumor and the legal system. Right now he is sober and at a sober living home. We are all praying he takes this opportunity to reinvent himself and go forward into a new life in recovery.

Drake's Poem:

 I've tried so many times, to believe my own lies. Looking in the mirror with dilated eyes, trying to live but living to die. Until I finally gave sobriety a try. So now that I'm sober and the thunder is over. I see the sunlight. Living my life. One day at a time. Thanking my god for keeping me alive. -Drake Smith

Alexis says:

My son wrote this and I have to remember to live one day at a time too. It's tempting when things are good to project my desired outcome and when things are bad to lose hope, but just for today I can have hope and be at peace. 

Sweet Alexis, yes just for today you can have some peace. I love you and your family more than words can express. I pray that Drake stays active in his sobriety and his life can start anew. 

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