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I'm still here!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still writing and keeping up with the site! 

I've added a new element: I'm going through the resource list and interviewing contact people for each resource and linking a blog post to that resource and contact. This way, I can weed out any resource that is no longer valid and/or doesn't meet the quality of standards everyone deserves in trying to get clean.

At some point in the future I hope to join others who speak publicly about opioid addiction awareness. It is so important that we keep this conversation open as it will get us closer to decreasing the number of overdose deaths. Eradicating opioid addiction altogether is the ultimate goal, and even in the face of adversity I will always remain optimistic and pray with all of my heart. 

We've been busy in my household with getting preparing for the upcoming homeschool year, but I will be posting a new interview soon! A little sneak peak: my family and I toured The Oaks at La Paloma recently and it was amazing! The staff, the programs, the whole facility was extremely impressive! The contact person for this facility reassured me that even though the center is self pay/commercial insurance, she is extremely dedicated to finding help for anyone in need.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this website a valuable community resource tool!

More to come...


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