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One week and too many heartaches

Admittedly, I was unable to make it through the entire article. To say it was gut wrenchingly painful would be putting it mildly. This new normal is not normal and I cannot and will not accept it. The part that stood out the most to me was "The Lost Boys." Although I was not at the scene when Shelby died, it still was surreal when I heard the news. Gratefully, I did not see him until after the caring people at the funeral home made him look unlike death. All I have left of him are my memories, a folder full of legal and medical papers and a box full of countless pictures that say, "I love you, Mom!" I will cherish these for all eternity as I cherish my sweet Shelby. He was way ahead of his time and taken way too soon. Please read about how opiate addiction and overdose has become a new level of normal in every day life and ponder what can we do to make it stop. #doitforshelby Seven Days of Heroin

Special thanks to the writers of this article/project - Dan Horn and Terry DeMio. This piece is powerful!

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