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Why exactly is China producing a narcan-resistant fentanyl drug called Acryl-Fentanyl? With no known medical use, it has been shipped here, illegally, and is cut with - you guessed it - heroin...and more than likely cocaine and fake prescription opiate pills.

The writer of this article, Jason Good, says he thinks the reason why this new drug is being made in China and smuggled into the US is because the manufacturers over there believe the US has a "completely unquenchable thirst for drugs." Sadly, I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Good's opinion.

Just recently I've made friends with other parents and siblings who have lost loved ones to opiate overdose. One woman in particular recently found out that one of the drugs in her son's system was a narcan-resistant fentanyl. Among all of the other crazy crap going on in this country (namely current admin), WHY is this happening? I still don't understand how drug dealers think they are going to stay in business when they keep killing their customers. It is my belief we should all work together to make sure their customers get into recovery and put the drug dealers OUT OF BUSINESS!

Take a moment to find out a little more about this new and even more dangerous threat.

It's ok to get help!

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