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Fentanyl: Not just in Heroin anymore!

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released a statement saying that fentanyl has been found in some samples of cocaine. Researchers in Knoxville and Nashville obtained 3 samples of cocaine that were laced. Instead of getting better the opioid epidemic is becoming worse and worse right before our very eyes. There have been no reported cases of fentanyl/cocaine overdoses in Tennessee but experts are afraid that it's just a matter of time If you know someone who is using cocaine, maybe this info will help them to choose wisely against using. Once they get a dose of cocaine laced with fentanyl, if they don't die from it they will most likely become instantly addicted. This opens the door for the disease of addiction and they will want more and more until they get a lethal dose.

Here is the link to a news piece by Stacy Jacobson, of News Channel 3 Memphis, on this newest development.

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