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There's some debate over whether or not some counties who are suing pharmaceutical companies and doctors, for their role in the battle against opiate addiction, is going to be productive or just a waste of time and money. Time and money that could be spent in different ways to combat the opioid epidemic. My honest opinion? I think it's a different avenue to be looked at for sure. If the lawsuit is won, then it sends a clear message and makes an example out of pharmaceutical companies and doctors who were making profits off of innocent people in need of medical attention. Some of whom turned to heroin as a result of the rising cost of the pharmaceuticals. A good many of those people have overdosed as a result. Some are still actively using and a lucky few have recovered. As a Shelby County resident and a mother of someone who has died as a result of overdosing, I think that our society has to hit hard from all angles in order to get this epidemic under control, if not eradicate it altogether. My Shelby was not a victim of pharmaceutical opiate addiction, his addiction came about to escape his emotional pain. Nonetheless, this epidemic affects us all. What do you think? It's ok to get help! #doitforshelby http://tennesseestar.com/2017/11/06/shelby-county-commissioners-sue-pharmaceutical-companies-over-illegal-opioid-abuse/ p.s. It's not as ironic as you might think that my son's name is Shelby and I live in Shelby County. ;) 

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