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Helping those in need to help themselves

Work Local is a job program for those afflicted by homelessness here in Memphis. Basically the program is 5 days/week at $9/hr (soon to be $10/hr), five hour shifts and a hot meal at the end of each shift. The work consists of cleaning up blight around the city of Memphis. 

This program was started by the Hospitality Hub here in Memphis and is funded by the City of Memphis, the Downtown Memphis Commission and the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau. It is intended to help those in need get back on track as well as keep our city looking nice.

Hospitality Hub provides all kinds of services to homeless and imminent homeless persons, free of charge and without requiring referrals, to help them get off the streets and back into being productive members of society as well as regaining a sense of purpose and self worth.

This is one resource I wish I would have known about for my sweet Shelby. If he could have been helped by the helping souls at the Hospitalty Hub, I truly ly believe he would've ended up volunteering there after getting his life back in order.

I'll be adding this resource as well as a few others in the next couple of days. Check out Hospitality Hub and pass along their info to someone in need. Don't forget to click on the tabs and look around their site to learn all about them! The link below takes you to the home tab of their site and if you scroll down you'll find all of the information on Work Local. It's OK to get help! #doitforshelby

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