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Shelby County is fighting back!

Recently, the Shelby County Government put together a task force to combat the opioid epidemic in our county. There are many members from different agencies involved and I am on the subcommittee of the Opioid Prevention and Education work group that is being implemented by the Shelby County Health Department.

Our first meeting was this week and I am so excited to tell you that the meeting was buzzing with positive energy focused on making a difference! The conversations are happening, the need for extensive help has been identified, the decisions are being made and the plans are being drawn. There were several community leaders and members there who are putting their whole hearts into creating effective ways to combat the crisis.

It is definitely in its infancy, but together we will make it grow and truly help the people of Shelby County.

The Prevention and Education workgroup I am part of is going to promote awareness through programs, education and media. With so many different reasons individuals come to be addicted to opioids, Shelby County has recognized and targeted ways to help the public, especially those who do not have insurance.

I promise I will keep you all filled in every step of the way! In the meantime, please take a look at the programs that have already begun: It’s OK to get help! #doitforshelby Count It Lock It Drop It

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