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Shelby County Opioid Task Force Town Hall Meeting

Yesterday, I attended the first town hall meeting held by Shelby County to introduce their Opioid Epidemic Task Force. Fox 13 and News Channel 3 were there as well. The task force was formed in conjunction with the Shelby County Health Department and divided into 4 subcommittees: Data Usage, Law Enforcement, Treatment, and Prevention & Education. I am on the Prevention & Education subcommittee and the people on the team are dedicated to implementing all ideas to combat this awful epidemic! Earlier this year, I had a few people reach out that wanted to join this task force but at the time everything was still being put into place. Now, the task force is reaching out to all communities to see if there are any more volunteers who would like to serve on any of the subcommittees. Please email me at if you are interested in learning more! Please check out the extensive coverage by Fox13! It's OK to get help! #doitforshelby Fox 13's coverage of the Shelby County Opioid Epidemic Town Hall Meeting

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